Forward from His Grace the Archbishop

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Our Diocese is embarking on one of the crucial aspects in our church ministry training – SPIRITUAL FORMATION – which is greatly lacking these days. It is neither an academic at skill based ministry rather it involves the spiritual life of a person and his involvement and dealings with God.

When a person is unable to relate, or communicate with his God in spiritual manner, he has no choice but to communicate with his God though congnitive manner. It is not sufficient. The Spiritual Formation platform is specially designed to strengthen the weak-link between God and us.

Thus, it is our desire that the end product can assist each person to ascertain a firm and spiritual manner of communcation link with our Father in heaven in season and out of Season.

“God is spirit; we shall worship Him in spirit and in truth.”
(John 4:24)

The Most Rev Datuk Ng Moon Hing
Archbishop of Province of South East Asia
Bishop of West Malaysia


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